What is the Providence Wine Academy?

The Providence Wine Academy does not have any tastings scheduled. We still offer Private & Corporate Tastings. Please click on the tab for more information.

Steffen Rasch is currently the Sommelier at Persimmon Restaurant located at 99 Hope St., in Providence, Rhode Island. For more information about Persimmon Restaurant visit www.persimmonri.com or call 401-432-7422.

The Providence Wine Academy was founded in November, 2011 with the mission of providing its patrons with a series of unique wine tasting and learning experiences. The idea was to create an educational, humorous and relaxed environment where people could taste quality wines without breaking the bank. Today, the Academy strives to fill the space in between the ‘all-you-can-drink buffets of Yellow Tail’ and the ‘sit down and take notes’ wine classes.